British Studies 2014

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The Caird Library and Archive - Wednesday - July 9th

Our day began with a leisurely cruise down the river Thames to Greenwich. It was a beautiful journey and a much welcomed change from buses and trains.  I loved it!  When we arrived at our destination we were surprised to see The Old Royal Naval College was closed for filming.  I was disappointed because we were not able to view the Painted Hall.  

We are told by people who are affiliated with the college that Sacha Baron Cohen is here filming his new movie.  We see plenty of "extras" outside and film crews all around.  What an exciting start to our day!
Me outside the National Maritime Museum
I am excited when we arrive at the National Maritime Museum.  Before we meet in the library we have a little time to walk around and take in the museum sights.  I stop to have my picture taken outside the museum.
When we arrive at the entrance to the Caird Library an interesting display of library facts on the wall catches my attention.

The materials kept at the Caird Library and Archive range from maritime history, astronomy, shipwrecks, ship voyages, wartime ships, pirates and even biographies.  Our class has been divided into two groups again and my group receives our guided tour from Mike Bevan, Archive Manager.  He takes us through the library where we see a few people studying.  Entry to the library is free and open to the public.  To visit you must apply for a Reader's Ticket beforehand.  You can apply for this online before you arrive or once you get there.  
It is suggested that patrons search the library or archive for items they may wish to view before they arrive.  Many people come to research members of their family who were members of the Royal Navy.
The most interesting item on display in the library is the Ship Plans Collection computer.  This computer and it's software are used to search the blueprints of ships.  I am intrigued that there is a whole computer dedicated to this.  

Later we are led to a programming room and Mike shows us various rare books from their archive.  I am most interested in a journal written by a ship doctor.  Some of the medical advice is a bit archaic and grotesque.  Quite a page turner!